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Meet Alexis

Welcome to my website. I am certain you came here with the hope of getting to know me (in more ways than one) , "pun intended".
I consider myself to be the perfect companion for any mature gentleman. I am an intelligent woman with a bachelor's degree in accounting.

I'm sure you wonder why you should choose me. I believe what makes me the perfect companion for most gentlemen is my love of sports. I enjoy watching sports, especially football. Imagine me cuddled next to you privately watching a game together, or me as the arm candy at a great, excitement filled sporting event.
You will find me to be well read and up to date on all sports and world events. My favorite thing to do is to engage in a great conversation.
With that said stay a while read through the pages and get to know me.....

Alexis LV

My Stats:
Height 5 ft 9
Hair: Blonde Highlights
Body: Athletic Build
Bust: 36 c
All Natural Body with No Tattoo's or Enhancement

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." - Jeff Candido & Jason Hoff

Alexis LV

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