Alexis LV

The Ultimate Getaway

Likes & Dislikes

My Likes
1. Watching sports/anything about sports.
2.Nice Steakhouse Dates
3. A good bottle of wine.
4.Going to a nice lounge for drinks.
6.Favorite Color Lavendar
7.Animals, especially dogs.

1.Rude men
2.Disrespectful Men
3. Negative People
4. Biggest turnoff..bad hygiene

Also Gentlemen, don't do these things:
I am very discreet and expect the same.
Therefore, I will not show my face in photos. Do NOT ask me to send face pics or selfies. The answer is an emphatic NO.

I do not accept last minute appointments(By last minute,I mean under ONE hours notice). I need time to screen you, bathe, be in my best possible relaxed state of mind to ensure you a wonderful time.

I will not respond back to texts of:
"u available"
"u workin"
A first impression is everything. Please introduce yourself properly, as a mature gent should.

""If you know how to live in Vegas you can have the best time." - Tony Curtis "

Alexis LV

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